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YouthBuild Training Program - Giving Young People a Second Chance

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YouthBuild USA has programs around the nation, but Affordable Comfort has a special relationship with the St. Louis chapter, as we currently employee three graduates from the program. We truly believe in this wonderful association and would like to get the word out about it.
YouthBuild is a program that accepts young men and women who might have had a rough time in life. They may be high school dropouts, or simply young people who are having a hard time getting started in the professional world. YouthBuild welcomes these young people into their program and gives them the skills they need to land a good job.
The YouthBuild program focuses on construction-related specialties such as weatherization, BPI, OSHA, and lead safe training. The hands-on training gives the students the skills they need to work in the industry, but the directors take it a few steps further. Young people in this program are also taught about the importance of reliability, respect, and other important life skills. YouthBuild recognizes that their students need to be stand up citizens as well as skilled workmen in order to start their career.

So what are people saying about?

"These guys are polite, that's refreshing," says David Femmer, owner of Affordable Comfort.
Femmer goes on to explain how Affordable Comfort got involved with this program and how it continues to be a trusted source for great employees. "We took 3 or 4 of these guys right away. One of the original guys we got from YouthBuild is now part of our management team."
When asked if he ever worried about the stereotypes surrounding a program that helps at-risk youth, Femmer shook his head and said, "YouthBuild doesn't send anyone they don't believe in. I can put them on the job right away."

How do YouthBuild participants feel about it?

Affordable Comfort currently employs 3 YouthBuild graduates, Rafael, Matthew, and Ricardo.
"I think YouthBuild is an extraordinary program. There are stereotypes about the program, some might say that they're trouble kids. Instead, they're just young men and women who need help," says Rafael.
"They are more close knit and everyone is family there. Youthbuild has a lot to do with where I'm at in my life today. YouthBuild gave me many opportunities that I would not have received anywhere else. They taught me the leadership and life skills that will take me where I want to be in life. Honestly, I don't know where I would be if I was never a part of YouthBuild," adds Ricardo.
"They believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. They showed me it's OK to makes mistakes, that you can you fix them and, in a way I always knew I could do different things I just needed a little push and now I cant stop!" says Matthew.

This program really works.

This program shatters all the stereotypes that accompany at-risk youth. These men prove that with the right training and motivation, lives can be turned around and put back on track. Affordable Comfort is proud to employ YouthBuild graduates and will continue to look to them for quality employees.

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