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Weatherization Program for Low Income Families

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 The US Department of Energy's Weatherization Assistance Program is free improvement program for low-income households - and Affordable Comfort is proud to be apart of it.


 This program allows us to provide valuable weatherization services at no cost to the households that truly need it. Many homes can benefit greatly from the weatherization work we do to improve the insulation of the house. These measures will allow your home to heat and cool more effectively, which can save you hundreds on your utility bills.

So what do we do?

If you qualify for the Weatherization Program in our area of service, we'll come out to your home, inspect it, and make a plan for repairs. We'll take care of all those pesky air drafts, update your insulation, and ensure your furnace and water heating are running safely. In the end, you'll find our home is much more comfortable in every season of the year, and your utility bills will be significantly lower.

Remember, this program is FREE for those who qualify, absolutely all weatherization labor and materials are provided free of charge through federal fundin

Who qualifies?

Qualification depends on the size of your household and total household income. Here is a basic chart:

Size of family      Total income
1                           $22,340

2                           $30,260

3                           $38, 180

4                           $46,100

5                           $54,020

6                           $61,940

7                           $69,860

8                           $77, 780

Each additional member adds $7,920

How to Apply

Call 314-446-4436 or go to


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