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How Regular AC Service Will Save You Money

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Would you drive your car for an entire year without getting an oil change? I doubt it. Most people understand that paying for a regular check up keeps their car in good working order and avoids costly repairs and untimely breakdowns. AC service works in the same way. The difference is, AC tune ups won't just save you money in the long run, they could very well start saving you money right away. 


Spring Cleaning AC Service - now is the time!

 There are certain temperature constraints when it comes to serving your AC. In order for the check-up to be accurate, the outside temperature can't be much lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Spring provides the perfect window of opportunity - the winter chill is gone and the summer heat has yet to arrive. Now is the time to call up an HVAC tech to take a look at your AC and make sure everything is running smoothly.

What Does the Check Up Involve?

First, the tech will thoroughly clean your AC. You'd be surprised how great an effect dust can have on your AC's performance. Let's say your AC's fan is meant to run at 1500 cubic feet per minute. Even a thin layer of dust could cause the fan to slow down to 1400 cubic feet per minute, all the while using more power to give you less results.
The tech will also use meters to check several parts within your AC. While some components may still be functioning, that doesn't mean they are operating at their full potential. Sometimes components are slightly off, which means that before long, that component will simply cease to work. If your tech can spot the problem early on, you'll save money on the service call. More importantly, you'll avoid that horribly stressful (and expensive) 911 call on the hottest day of the summer when your house is full of both sides of the family. Don't you think a little tune-up is worth avoiding that disaster?

Let Affordable Comfort Make It Easy

We really want everyone to have a comfortable summer without spending a fortune on energy bills. Give us a call and we will get your AC all cleaned up and working at peak efficiency.


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