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Renewable Energy is Coming: It’s time to prepare yourself

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There has been a big push for the use of solar and other renewable energy sources lately and we will see even more of that moving forward. Renewable Energy technology is improving by leaps and bounds. The manufacturers of solar panels, batteries, and all of the other components required for these systems are ramping up their processes to make the hardware more and more accessible and affordable for everyone. 



Renewable Energy Makes Sense

The truth is, renewable energy makes sense for everyone. Whether you want to save money, reduce dependency on fossil fuels, or do your part to help protect the environment, clean energy simply works.

People that make their living from coal, natural gas, or petroleum oil will argue that their products are safer because of better refinery processes and more efficient equipment, but they couldn’t possibly argue that their processes are as clean as solar, wind, or other potential renewable energy sources. As for safety, the world is currently suffering record high CO2 levels, temperature extremes have increased by 20 degrees, and there are over 53,000 deaths related to emissions every year in the United States. (Source) Does that sound safer to you? 

Minimize your initial investment

If switching over to solar or wind power was cheap, we’d like to believe that more people would have already made the switch. While we expect government-subsidized programs to make these renewable energy improvements more affordable in the future, for now, your best option is to

Work on reducing your overall energy demand. What if you could reduce the energy demand of your home by 35% to 50%? If you consume less energy, you will be able to cut back on equipment costs when you make the switch to solar or wind. Eventually, your savings on energy bills will pay for the investment.

Affordable Comfort Can Help

We have been making buildings more efficient for 25 years. We have helped over 10,000 buildings save an average of 32% on energy bills after we performed a full energy efficiency retrofit. It’s a fairly simple process. Over 90% of the efficiency improvements come from tightening up the shell of the building, making sure it has plenty of the right kind of insulation, verifying that the HVAC systems are operating at peak efficiency, and making some changes in the basic energy usage in the home.


This process is easy. We set up an appointment to do a 30 minute walk through and give you a management plan. Energy efficiency always saves more than it costs. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call at (314) 884-0092 and start saving some money.





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