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Progress: Thoughts from Affordable Comfort's CEO

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These are the words I have been living by for the past 6 months.

 I admit that in the last year I pulled away from the hands-on work and spent more and more time in the office working behind the scenes, but that changed about 6 months ago and I can honestly say that I feel happier with my company and myself.


 About 6 months ago, I started showing up to the warehouse early every morning to see my guys at work. I may be the boss, but I care about every single part of my business, down to the very last screw. And that is where I started, literally with a whole mess of screws.


We use a wide variety of different screws and nails and each one serves its own purpose. But they can hardly serve their purpose if we cannot find them. What I discovered in my warehouse was that these expensive and vital pieces of our business were being stored in unorganized heaps. Forget about searching for a needle in a haystack, can you imagine trying to hunt down a set of very specific screws while you are trying to get your truck loaded up to make it to the job site on time? So I sat down for a little bit each day, chipping away at this enormous organization task, all the while telling myself “Progress is doing what you have to do every day, plus a little bit more.” 


I realized our warehouse was not running efficiently. It would be easy for me to blame my workers, but I decided to get my hands dirty, helping load the trucks and getting the guys set up with everything they needed for the day’s jobs.


I quickly realized that after loading up a truck with heavy bags of insulation and equipment, I felt exhausted – and so did my guys. How could I expect them to go to the job site and work at full capacity when I myself was ready to take at nap by 8am?


“Leadership is making others better as a result of your presence and making sure the impact lasts in your absence”  - Sheryl Sandberg

Working alongside my employees helped me see the flaws within our system. Sure, the work was getting done, but we were certainly not taking the path of least resistance.


So, I brought in more help to load the trucks overnight. This way, when the workers arrive in the morning, their trucks will be ready to go. They can save their energy for the job site and give our customers even more energetic and higher quality service. Everyone wins.

My place as the owner of Affordable Comfort is and always will be wherever I am needed, whether it be behind a desk or in a warehouse. I live to improve upon our successful business, keeping customers and employees happy.


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