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How Making Your Home More Energy Efficient Helps the Environment

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Most people only pay attention to their energy consumption when it is costing them money. When you get an energy bill that’s higher than you can afford, you start using your heat or AC a bit less. When gas prices are high, you try to drive less. That’s logical and understandable – but what about when the prices are low?

Natural gas and oil prices are low right now, so consumers care less and less about being energy efficient. This is not environmentally responsible!

Just because your bank account isn’t hurting doesn’t mean the environment isn’t. Building codes all around the US are outdated and not built to run efficiently. HVAC systems are working hard to keep homes comfortable, all the while taking quite a toll on the environment and increasing the carbon footprint.

So what can be done?

Consumers can help in two ways: updating their homes to be more energy efficient and using less energy.

Spending money on things such as new insulation and air sealing measures as well as Energy Star rated appliances may seem like an unnecessary expense that you cannot afford or do not care to spend the money on. However, once you make these changes, you will more than pay off the investment through savings on your energy bills. If you like the smaller bills you are paying now while gas prices are low – you will love how low your bills can get with a truly energy efficient home.

As for using less energy – no one is asking you to sit at home in the dark. Making simple changes such as buying CFLs instead of incandescent light bulbs and using Smart power strips that prevent items that are not in use from sucking up energy can make a huge difference in your energy consumption without cramping your lifestyle.

What can industry professionals do?

The home construction, insulation, and energy businesses can take simple steps to help this problem as well.

Home builders and construction companies need to set a new standard and stop doing the bare minimum. New construction needs to be focused on building efficient homes and buildings. Contractors should also be ready and willing to do energy retrofits for existing structures.

The energy industry must continue developing alternative renewable power sources like wind and solar. These incredible solutions save energy and money – so why are we not constantly moving in this direction?

We here at Affordable Comfort are passionate about our customers and their comfort – but we feel it is everyone’s responsibility to care about this planet and how our lifestyles affect the environment.


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