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Are Your Heating Your Home or The Neighborhood?

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With the first snow falling just a couple weeks ago, we think it's safe to say that winter is upon us.

Snow is actually a great way to figure out whether your are simply heating your home or all the air around it.

Take a look at these photos:



These photos were both taken 2 days after the snow had originally fallen. The first photo is the home of an Affordable Comfort employee. The second photo shows his neighbor's home. Each house sits in direct sunlight, on the same street - so why is one roof still covered in snow two days after the original snowfall?

That's the difference insulation can make. 

Thanks to proper insulation, home #1 is staying nice and toasty on the inside without letting all the expensive heat escape through the roof. Home #2 is paying much more money just to keep the same comfort level as home #1, simply because their insulation is not up to standards.

There is a good chance your insulation could use an update.

Chances are, the residents of home #2 feel pretty comfortable and haven't put much thought into their home's insulation in years. Their home may feel warm, which gives the impression of a properly insulated home. However, a quick look at these pictures shows that their insulation is not working as well as it could.

So what does your roof look like?

If the snow melted off your home in no time after the last snowfall - it's time for an insulation update. Give us a call and we'll take a look. With all the financial incentive programs paired with the return on investment you will see on your lower utility bills, the repairs may ring up to a very reasonable rate.

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