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School’s Out for the Summer!

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Now that school's out, your kids will be home all day consuming everything - including power. Here are a few tips to save a few bucks and keep your home comfortable.


1. Turn off the lights. Especially any "edison" bulbs. They produce quite a bit of heat and use 85% more energy then LED bulbs. If you are still using "incandescent" bulbs, you are behind the curve.

2. Close the shades on any windows that get direct sunlight. Pay attention to the orientation of your home. West facing windows are great for daylight in the early part of the day, but the sun will cook you in the afternoon. Make the kids close the shades, it's a good lesson. 

3. Get your AC Serviced. Now is the time to request a service call to check out you Air Conditioner system. Avoid the 911 request for service on July 4th when it is 105 degrees and you have your "favorite” sister-in- law over. You know she’ll gossip about you and cause some dram and you don’t need that in your life!


4. Clean your condensing unit. It’s time to hose off the condensing unit. That’s the big box outside with the fan. It is a good chore for your teenager. Don’t be afraid to hold them accountable as much as they may kick and scream about getting off the couch. 


5. Do a walk through to check that all windows are fully closed. Another chore for the those kids who are driving you crazy.    



Stay Cool!




Hot House in the Summer? Here's Why!

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We get a lot of calls during the summer months from people who are having comfort issues in their home. They complain that certain parts of the home are warmer than others. Many times we hear stories of homes where people cannot inhabit certain parts of their house due to the unbearable temperatures. We also hear that they set their thermostats at 70 or 72 degrees and the house never cools below 78 or 80; forcing the air conditioner to run continuously. So even with a hot home, these home owners are still receiving extra high  bills.

We find most of these problems are occurring in homes that are 1 1/2 stories or 2 stories. The second floor is usually the culprit. They often tell us that the inside temperature rises as much as 10 degrees from the first to the second floors.

Here are a few of the things we check:

  • What is the color of the roof? Darker colored roofs tend to radiate more heat. 
  • Is there any shading benefit from shade trees?
  • Is the roof is properly ventilated?
Attic (Including side attics)
  • What kind of insulation and how much?
  • Has the attic been air sealed?
The solutions usually include air sealing measures in the attic spaces, additional insulation and additional ventilation. Installation of Solar powered attic ventilators are trending well with homeowners that are having comfort issues upstairs.  

Don't spend the summer sweating indoors

If your home is constantly hot no matter how high you crank your air conditioner, your home is not running efficiently. If you don't address these problems, you'll spend the summer avoiding particularly hot areas of your home, sweating through the night, and paying extremely high energy bills. 
Give us a call and let us make a plan to make your home more comfortable and more efficient.
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