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School’s Out for the Summer!

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Now that school's out, your kids will be home all day consuming everything - including power. Here are a few tips to save a few bucks and keep your home comfortable.


1. Turn off the lights. Especially any "edison" bulbs. They produce quite a bit of heat and use 85% more energy then LED bulbs. If you are still using "incandescent" bulbs, you are behind the curve.

2. Close the shades on any windows that get direct sunlight. Pay attention to the orientation of your home. West facing windows are great for daylight in the early part of the day, but the sun will cook you in the afternoon. Make the kids close the shades, it's a good lesson. 

3. Get your AC Serviced. Now is the time to request a service call to check out you Air Conditioner system. Avoid the 911 request for service on July 4th when it is 105 degrees and you have your "favorite” sister-in- law over. You know she’ll gossip about you and cause some dram and you don’t need that in your life!


4. Clean your condensing unit. It’s time to hose off the condensing unit. That’s the big box outside with the fan. It is a good chore for your teenager. Don’t be afraid to hold them accountable as much as they may kick and scream about getting off the couch. 


5. Do a walk through to check that all windows are fully closed. Another chore for the those kids who are driving you crazy.    



Stay Cool!




Laclede Gas Energy Rebate Program

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We have great news for anyone looking to save money on their utility bills. Laclede Gas currently has a High Efficiency Rebate Program that will allow you to make improvements on your home at little or no cost to you. Here's how the energy rebate works:

1. You apply for rebates for purchasing energy-efficient items such as gas furnaces, gas boilers, thermostats, and water heaters.
2. If you qualify, Laclede Gas will send rebate checks to help cover the costs.
3. You save money on your utility bills! 

Here's a quick look at some of the available rebates:

Gas Furnaces: $150-$200
Gas Boilers: $25
Electronic Programmable setback thermostat: $50
Gas Storage Water Heaters: $50-$125
Gas Water Heater: $200



Where can you buy qualifying appliances?

 You can get your energy efficient water heaters, furnaces, thermostats, etc right from Affordable Comfort. We can help you pick out the appliances that will not only make your home more comfortable, but also qualify for these great rebates. . Plus, after we install them, we're happy to help you apply for the rebates that will save you money.

So how do you apply?

 Print out this application.

  Mail it here:

EFI - Laclede Gas Rebate

40 Washington Street

Suite 2000

Westborough, MA 01581


The application does not take long to fill out and, if you qualify, you will basically get some extra cash just for increasing the value of your home and saving money on your utility bills. This program certainly makes going green easier.