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Is the Heat Wave Making You Wonder about Air Conditioner’s Efficiency?

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Now that summer is at its peak, it’s hard to catch a break from the heat. Many homes have rooms that never seem to get cool, no matter how low you set your thermostat. You might set your thermostat as low as 72 but never see the temperature drop below 78. Meanwhile, your AC is running continuously and driving up your utility bill costs.  There are several explanations for why this might be happening. If your home is 1 ½-2 stories, you’ve got lots of crawl space and garage area soaking up your cool air. You might also have windows that lack shading, allowing the sun to pour in and heat up your home. It’s also possible that your HVAC system is unbalanced, which results in inconsistent temperatures throughout your living space, creating hot spots that never seem to get cool.


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So what can you do to stay cool without going broke?


 The root of the problem is often in your home’s insulation. We here at Affordable Comfort have worked with customers throughout the St. Louis area to inspect their current insulation and create a solution that results in cooler home and lower utility bills.  We’ve seen excellent results with our hybrid system. Just take a look at some quotes from our happy customers:


“We used to set our thermostat at 73 and the house never got cooler than 78. Now we have it set at 72 and it stays there 24 hours a day with a/c unit cycling normally.” – O’Fallon Homeowner


“An unexpected benefit (beyond the obvious energy savings) was sound control. We had a major thunderstorm the first night and we did not even hear it.” – Cottleville homeowner

“The temperature stats the same throughout the house upstairs and down.” – Cottleville homeowner


 So if you’re ready to fight back against the heat wave in your home, just take a look at our easy online quotation calculator. Within 5 minutes, you’ll have a quote for your home and be well on your way to a cooler summer.